help file - tiny sparrow RX

The Radical Wireless tiny sparrow TX (transmitter) and the tiny sparrow RX (receiver) support DMX/ RDM. Both are based on Lumenradio’s award winning CRMX technology.

The next lines will help you to set up the unit and get you through troubleshooting.

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tiny sparrow RX

User Interface & LEDs:

link button for link / unlink from a transmitter - to press use a small torx 5 or similar
power Blue LED - lights up when power is connected
status Blue LED - shows different states of status like:
linking, unlinking or receiving DMX signal
signal Red LED - lights up when the signal strength is under 10% or no signal at all
dmx Green LED - lights up when receiving correct DMX
function of the Status-LED
Receiver is not linked to a transmitter:
Receiver is linked to a transmitter, but no active radio link
Active radio link, no DMX data present:
Active radio link, DMX data present:

Technical Specs

PowerIN 6-36VDC range or USB (5VDC balanced - USB power banks are not fully supported)
power consumption ~50mA
temp. working range -20°C - +40°C
IP rating IP20
antenna connector RP-SMA female
antenna RP-SMA male, 2.5dBi
housing ABS
connector 2pin male Phoenix PTSM


DMX OUT DMX512-A (ANSI E1.11) and RDM (ANSI E1.20) compatible
connector 3pin male Phoenix PTSM


datasheet & manual tiny sparrow RX - ENG - v1.2

last update 05.12.2017