help file - tiny sparrow FX BLE


The Radical Wireless tiny sparrow TX (transmitter) and the tiny sparrow RX (receiver) support DMX/ RDM (RX only). Both are based on Lumenradio’s award winning CRMX technology.

The next lines will help you to set up the unit and get you through troubleshooting.



Status LED

Technical Specs

tiny sparrow TX

User Interface & LEDs:

link button for link / unlink receivers - to press use a small torx 5 or similar
power Blue LED - lights up when power is connected
status Blue LED - shows different states of status like:
linking, unlinking or receiving DMX signal
dmx Green LED - lights up when receiving correct DMX
function of the Status LED
Transmitter is linking available receiver
Active radio link, no DMX data present
Active radio link, DMX data present
Transmitter is unlinking receiver

Technical Specs

PowerIN 6-36VDC range or USB (5VDC balanced - USB power banks are not fully supported)
power consumption ~250mA
temp. working range -20°C - +40°C
radio signal range ~400m, line of sight
IP rating IP20
antenna connector RP-SMA female
antenna RP-SMA male, 2.5dBi
housing ABS
connector 2pin male Phoenix PTSM


DMX IN DMX512-A (ANSI E1.11)
connector 3pin male Phoenix PTSM


datasheet & manual tiny sparrow TX - ENG - v1.2

last update 05.12.2017