help files - sparrow kit

With the sparrow kit you can use the comfort of your iPad or any other capable smartphone or tablet to control DMX devices with ease. The sparrow kit builds a bridge between WiFi/WLAN and the stable and long range signal of our tiny sparrow RX.

The next lines will help you setting up the unit and get you through troubleshooting.

Important information

If you're in a heavy WiFi/WLAN traffic area, like public spaces, events or shows please make sure to keep the Sparrow Kit case close to your smartphone or tablet. It is necessary to avoid unstable or no signal.

You shouldn't have any problems to use the tiny sparrow receivers to reach long distances. Those using Lumenradio's CRMX technology for cognitive coexistence – dynamically avoids occupied frequencies.

the sparrow kit

in a rugged case

at the back:

Neutrik true1 PowerIN/OUT
DMX Out, wired

how to get started

  1. connect to WiFi/WLAN

    SSID: RadicalWireless AP 2.4GHz or

    RadicalWireless AP 5GHz
pwd: RadicalWireless
  2. start your DMX/ArtNet app on your iPad or smartphone
  3. enable ArtNet
  4. select node „radical NovaFX“ or enter 
IP address
  5. have fun


Normally, all 4 wireless DMX receivers are already pre-linked with the transmitter. To re-link please follow instruction for the tiny sparrow RX.

work in progress - last update 04.08.2017